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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Eastvale, California?

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While it’s exciting to own your Eastvale rental home, the reality of managing it on your own can be challenging. HMR Property Management seeks to lighten the load and provide peace of mind to rental property owners. As a full-service property management firm, we have the best track record when it comes to maintaining your rental in outstanding condition.

We have plenty of experience that will assist in marketing your vacant Eastvale rental unit, collecting the rent on time, screening the renters thoroughly and giving you access to timely financial reports.

Our office is in Montclair, California. We practice fair and ethical business while helping tenants buy, sell, or lease their Eastvale property. HMR Property Management exercises transparency in our pricing plans. We offer a bronze, silver and gold property management plan that caters to the different needs of property investors.

Whatever type of property you have, whether you own a single-family home or multiple units, we take care of your property extensively.

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Our Property Management Services

Peace of mind is what property owners are after and we’re here to provide that. We’ll handle all the tenant issues, perform property upkeep, and continue to raise the value of your Eastvale rental home.

We always look out for your best interest by providing steady earnings and letting you have the time freedom that’s elusive for self-managing landlords.

Here are the benefits you can experience when you partner with HMR:
Eastvale CA property management company

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Attracting tenants to your Eastvale rental home is a vital step. Otherwise, you can be looking at maintenance expenses dwindling your financial resources. HMR Property Management will conduct property showings on your behalf. We see to it that professional property photos are put up in over 40 rental sites to optimize exposure.

Should the client prefer an additional yard sign to capture the attention of passersby, we also provide onsite “for rent” signs.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Problematic tenants can be avoided if detailed tenant screening is performed. For your Eastvale rental home, we don’t skip the screening process. HMR Property Management verifies a potential tenant’s rent background.

We like to check the credit score, income, criminal record, and eviction history. Bad tenants can be a source of constant stress and we do our best to filter them out.

3. Rent Collection

We are focused on 100% rent collection, so our clients obtain steady earnings for their rental investment. To meet our objectives, we make it easy for tenants to pay online.

This way, the option is available 24/7. We also assist in handling utility payments for your ultimate convenience.

If an eviction is in the cards, our clients can enjoy an eviction guarantee. HMR Property Management will spend up to $1,500 for eviction fees if we oversaw the tenant placement. You’ll enjoy a coverage of 2 months’ rent.

We also represent you in court cases.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping your Eastvale rental home habitable is required by the law. HMR Property Management expends all efforts and resources to maintain the value of your rental property. We inspect all the interiors and exteriors to spot any issues and conduct prompt repair.

We’re also available to respond to any emergencies at any hour of the day. To put our clients’ minds at ease, we practice a move in/ move out inspection for detailed tracking of damages.

HMR Property Management also offers a pet damage guarantee to our clients. We will pay for $2000 worth of repairs for pets we approved. We make ourselves accountable since we performed the tenant screening procedure.

For other types of damages, we submit it to our trusted vendors who offer excellent repair services at reasonable rates.
Property Management California

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Our clients are given an online portal where they can access crucial information such as a copy of the leasing agreement, monthly statements and profit and loss financial reports.

HMR Property Management keeps everything transparent for your Eastvale rental home. You can always expect updated information when it comes to your expenses, receipts and rental earnings.

About Eastvale, California

Eastvale is a suburb situated in Riverside County. It transformed into a developed community in the 1990s and was incorporated in 2010. East Vale’s name came from a listed school district back in 1893. Its borders are the Santa Ana River and Norco.

Los Angeles County and Orange County are accessible to Eastvale making this area a commuter town. Eastvale’s total area is 13.1 square miles with 12.5 square miles made up of land while the remaining 0.6 square miles is covered with water.

Residents enjoy staying in Eastvale for its small-town appeal, pleasant Mediterranean weather, vast recreational attractions, and its accessible location to Los Angeles.

It boasts of several parks, dining spots and retail shops. Eastvale is also a hub for lively festivals and exciting events. It’s popular for celebrating the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival.

Here are interesting things to see in Eastvale, California:

  1. Corona Heritage Park and Museum
  2. Riverwalk Park
  3. Yanks Air Museum
  4. Dos Lagos Golf Course
  5. Corona Art Gallery
  6. Eastvale Marketplace
  7. Prado Regional Park
  8. The Shops at Dos Lagos
  9. Planes of Fame Air Museum
  10. The Merge of Eastvale

Source: Wikipedia

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