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Don’t let the stress of property management hold you down, and call on the experts at HMR Property Management!

Compared to other investment options in the market, such as stocks and bonds, rental properites are a safe and secure investment option. It’s also a great source of passive income. However, these properties come with several obligations and responsibilities for owners.

Landlords who practice self-management quickly find themselves tied down with these responsibilities. They have to deal with problem tenants, pages of paperwork, regular inspections, and finding local contractors in the case of repairs and renovations.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Whittier CA property leasing and still have free time to spend with your family and friends, you will need some help through property management services. HMR is the premier and professional property management company in Southern California. Our philosophy is to equally provide for the needs of our tenants and landlords, creating a win-win situation and top client satisfaction.

Our reputable and trusted team is always willing to offer helpful advice. With our experience and knowledge in the property management industry, we can help you maximize your investment in real estate! Contact us today to learn more.

Our Range of Property Management Services

HMR Property Management is a full-service Whittier property management company. As such, we offer a number of services as follows for the needs of each property owner we help with managing residential real estate:

Tenant Screening and Selection

Screening prospective tenants is a task that we do with the seriousness it deserves. For you to achieve your goals in Whittier property investment, your property must bring in stable, periodic rent. This is determined by having quality tenants on your property.

exceptional property management manage whittier tenant screening

The team at HMR Property Management makes use of several tools to identify the ideal tenant for you. We perform background checks, landlord reference checks, and credit history checks. The tenant screening procedure is done in a way that’s sure to follow Fair Housing Laws.

Property Inspection and Management

Only with a well-maintained property can you warrant having tenants pay rent after every month or quarter. State and federal rules require that the landlord keeps the property/unit in a habitable state, meaning regular maintenance. Anything less than that is considered breaking the lease agreement and can be escalated further to a court of law.

HMR Property Management conducts regular and periodic inspections of your Whitter CA property. Once you hand over the property to us, we’ll provide you and every tenant with a predefined inspection schedule. This will allow our team to detect any and all property issues early enough to avoid potentially expensive maintenance repairs. In addition, we’re able to check on potential code and lease violations by the tenant at the same time.

We’ve identified experienced and qualified contractors in the Whittier area who conduct all our property repair needs. Their services are the best in the community and are very affordable. On a monthly basis, property investors will receive a detailed breakdown of all property repairs and expenses.

Compliance with the Law

As a market leader in property management and real estate investment consultancy, HMR Property Management stays on top of all property laws and statutes. This allows our business to advise our clients in the case of any legal dispute, either with a tenant or county/state authorities. And, as your representative in all things property-related, we’re ready to represent you in a court of law.

exeptional property management services while we manage whittier property law services

In addition, we ensure that the terms and clauses of your tenancy agreements adhere to said county, state, and federal rules.


While the team at HMR Property Management runs a comprehensive tenant screening process, a rare case of tenant eviction is inevitable for any landlord’s career. The tenant may fail to pay their rent on time, conduct illegal activities on the property, or use the property in a way not described in the lease agreement.

As a full-service property management company, we can efficiently and professionally conduct the tenant eviction procedure.

Using the experience we’ve gained from managing Whittier properties, our management business ensures that the correct notices are issued to the relevant parties. Under our services, paperwork will be duly filed and also coordinate with law enforcement agencies to remove the tenant from your property.

Finances and Accounting

Property investors sink their resources into real estate for various needs. Some are looking for a passive source of income through rent, while others are looking to diversify their portfolio. One unifying financial factor that brings them all together is the accurate and detailed accounting of the income and expenses of their property.

HMR Property Management provides detailed accounting and financial services on top of on-time rent collection. This is available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Our business maintains records of all rent payments, leases, inspection reports, warranties, and safety hazard reports. These records allow us to advise our property owners on how to tackle tax deductions for their Whittier CA rental properties, for both single-family and multi-family homes, come tax season.

whittier property taxes services

At the request of the owner, we can also make mortgage payments, pay insurance premiums, and also see to your Homeowner Association’s (HOA) dues. Contact us to learn more!

About Whittier, California

Do you know how this Southern California area came to have its name? Few people actually know this, but Whittier owes its name to one John Greenleaf Whittier. Historians and lovers of poetry probably know of this Quaker poet whose writings in the 19th century advocated for the abolition of slavery in the country.

He is remembered for his book Snow-Bound which hit bookshelves in 1866. Some of his earlier writings include Legends of New England and Moll Pitcher. While he was born way over in Massachusetts, locals are proud to know that the city is named after such an influential man in society. Whittier College, located in the area, is also named after him.

Whittier is comprised of several neighborhoods, including a central business core. To the north, two neighborhoods named Central Park and Hadley-Greenleaf have been designated as historic districts. This also extends to the area surrounding Whittier College. As such, residents can enjoy living in a city steeped in historic importance!

Source: Wikipedia

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