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Looking to earn a higher ROI this year? Since California property owners contact us when they want to maximize their rental income, you’re in the right place!

From our experience with property investors, it’s understandable why some would want to self-manage their properties. They’ve paid a significant amount for it and are justified in wanting to get the most out of its returns.

However, this can backfire in the complete opposite direction. The burden and stress that it entails, especially to a landlord with little or no experience, can both exhaust a landlord and cause financial losses.

Trust and rely on the premier management company in El Monte. HMR Property Management has a reputation for delivering personalized and effective solutions to our clients. Our reputable and experienced team will work with you to meet your specific needs as well as that of your tenants. Our property managers have you covered for all your investment properties' needs!

Don’t let the stress of managing a rental unit dampen the joy of its ownership. Give our property management company a call today and learn about our customizable and affordable services!

Our Diverse Range of Services

For a rental unit to bring in that high ROI, time, patience, experience, effort, and knowledge are needed. With our team by your side, our experience and in-depth knowledge can save you all that time and effort. Contact us to learn exactly how we can help you!

Here are some of the El Monte property management services available from HMR Property Management:

Evaluation and Rental Analysis

Our job as your official property manager begins with an evaluation of your rental unit. There’s no rational landlord who wouldn’t want to get more rent from their investment. From their experience and knowledge of the market, our team will recommend the renovations and repairs that you need to do to charge that optimal rent.

rental analysis
To advise you on how much you should charge, HMR performs an in-depth analysis of the area. We’ll also consider the amenities that your rental unit offers as well as proximity to value drivers. Depending on your target market, we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of implementing different policies on your real estate investment in El Monte, CA.

Marketing and Advertising

One of the characteristics of the real estate market is its heterogeneity. This means there are no two residential properties that are exactly the same. Even if two similar and adjacent properties have the same owner, this principle will still apply.

We acknowledge these inherent differences when it comes to the marketing and advertising of your investment property. Our team doesn’t make use of a one-fit solution. HMR tailor makes its advertisements to meet the needs of the unit together with the target audience. A combination of both print media and social media platforms will be used to ensure maximum exposure to qualified tenants.

You can expect a shorter vacancy period when your rental unit is handled by management experts at HMR Property Management.

Lease Preparation and Administration

A lease document is a contract that determines the obligations between the landlord and the tenant. It’s a legally binding document that must be adhered to by both parties. As your residential property manager, this is part of the full-service package that we offer.

lease preparation
Any property lease must adhere to local, state, and federal laws and statutes. Rental homes play an important role in the economic, social, and psychological state of a community. As a result, it’s one of the most regulated sectors of the economy. HMR Property Management will prepare a lease agreement that adheres to all legislation.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

Inspections and maintenance allow for the rental home to be in the best condition possible. By detecting defects early enough, we can act on them and avoid further deterioration and higher maintenance costs. Regular inspections also allow for our team to check on whether your tenants are using your property according to the obligations of the lease.

With a well-maintained rental home, you can rest assured of your tenants’ satisfaction. A happy tenant will strive to pay their rent on time since they are enjoying the services and amenities offered on the property.

As a rule of thumb, everyone who hires us receives monthly reports on the residential property’s condition. The report will contain any defects identified, actions taken, and expenses incurred.

Financial Reporting and Accounting

Accounting and financial reporting services are an important aspect of our El Monte property management services. A rental property has all the nuances of a business and must be treated as such. Our experienced team is able to keep detailed reports on rent, and every dollar that is received or spent on your unit.


Come tax season, our management services have assisted our clients in the past with structured reports for tax purposes. We can also prepare a 1099 form. Property depreciation and other expenses must also be included in the breakdown of tax deductions. The team at HMR Property Management can help you with that as well.

About El Monte, California

The first residents in El Monte are recorded to have arrived in the mid-1800s. A large majority of them were prospectors looking to make it rich through gold panning. Others choose to invest in the rich and fertile land of El Monte.

For most of the 20th Century, the economy of El Monte and the surrounding areas was centered around agriculture. Fruit orchards, walnut groves, and a vibrant dairy industry were some of the heavy investments.

Much of this changed during the 1930s, thanks to the Great Depression. Due to reduced demand both locally and internationally, landowners were unable to make ends meet with their farms. Thousands of orchards and groves were subdivided into one-acre plots or less and subletted to smaller households and individuals. This was, of course, at lower than market values. However, it paved the way for the neighborhoods we have today.

All of a sudden, El Monte became the place to live in. Between the 1940s and the 1960s, the population in the area grew exponentially. It was no longer the small sleepy town of orchards, dairies, and flower fields. El Monte was on the rise, and it’s become a booming place to live and invest in ever since.

Source: Wikipedia

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