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Looking to get meet your target of a higher ROI for your Baldwin Park rental property? You can rely on the leading property management company in the Southern California area!

HMR Property Management has established ourselves as the premier company for all things property and real estate in the Baldwin Park area. Our goal is to offer well-maintained and safe housing for tenants and treat every client with the respect and dignity that they deserve. As a result, our clients’ properties are always well-maintained, occupied by the best tenants, and are not the subject of legal property issues.

From the reviews from our California clients, we can say that our approach is well-received. Our brand and reputation have grown over the years, and we can say with confidence that we’re a leading property management service provider.

If you are looking for an experienced and reputable management company, HMR is the company to call on. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help your Baldwin Park property.

Our Property Management Services

With our blameless property management record, HMR Property Management is relied on by a large number of landlords in the California area. We offer a wide range of services to meet these expectations. Some of them have been highlighted below:

Setting Your Rental Price

Your real estate leasing journey starts with setting the right rental amount for your property. This can be quite a challenge for landlords. A rental price that’s above the market rate is bound to lead to vacancies or a high turnover of tenants as they move to cheaper options in the neighborhood. And if you charge too low, you won’t attain your target ROI.

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With our experience in the California market, HMR Property Management will set the appropriate rental price. Our team considers the location, the value of your property as well as the market demand for the type of property. We also perform comprehensive research in the area.

Advertising and Marketing

You can only be sure of finding tenants for your property through the thorough marketing of your rental unit. A marketing solution should also take into account the target demographic. This will help choose the right media and platform to use.

At HMR Property Management, we believe in offering a customized advertising and marketing solution. Using a mix of both print and digital media, we will create ads and reach a wide audience.

Tenant Screening

No landlord should decide to gain rental income by bringing any type of tenant into their premises. This would be akin to jeopardizing your investment in Baldwin Park real estate. You should only consider clients who can pay their rent on time, have a good rental history, and can maintain the property in a reasonable manner.

As your property manager, it is our responsibility to bring in high-quality tenants. Once we receive interest from a possible tenant, we request information from them in order to perform several background checks.

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HMR Property Management performs credit history, employment checks, criminal background, and sex offender checks. Our screening process is implemented by taking into consideration the provisions of the Fair Housing Act.

Property Inspections

Regular inspections of the rented premises is another service that we offer without fail. It’s from the results of the inspection that we advise our repair technicians on which defects to look out for. As the professional and experienced property management company that we are, our clients are assured that any property damages will be identified.

Regular inspections also serve as a means of checking on the adherence to the lease obligations by the tenant. The tenants will always be served early in advance to notify them of our inspections. This allows us to perform a thorough check on every room of the rented premises.

Maintenance and Repair of Your Rental Property

Our first repair job starts before you put your property on the market. The state and condition of the property can sometimes be the reason why your unit is vacant. It could be that the fittings and fixtures are outdated or some appliances are simply not up to par. Our team will perform a thorough inspection and advise you on any new interior or exterior changes you should make.

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Tenants appreciate when they live in a well-maintained property. We have an in-house crew to make repairs and keep the property in good condition all year long. In case of any emergencies, your tenants can simply report the matter to us, and it will be resolved in the shortest time possible.

About Baldwin Park, California

Baldwin Park is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley. With a population of over 75,000 people, this city is highly regarded by residents for the numerous attractions and activities it offers. Living here means you’ll always have something of interest to do!

For history lovers and book buffs, the Baldwin Park Historical Museum is the place to be. The museum does an excellent job of documenting the rich history of Baldwin Park, from its ranching days to the city’s incorporation in 1956.

Ask any teenager about the number one place to be over the weekend, and we can bet that they would mention the Baldwin Park Teen Center and Skate Park. Not only does it have a bowled-out skate park, but it also has an amphitheater, gaming console stations, outdoor and indoor fireplaces, and a plethora of sports equipment.

To enjoy the mastery of art and a good dose of culture, residents go to the Performing Arts Center of Baldwin Park. Check out their schedule online and book a night of entertainment!

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